Two Nutty Brothers Catalog Request The Premium Source for Nuts, Dried Fruits, and Candies

About Two Nutty Brothers (TNB)

From humble beginnings, Two Nutty Brothers is proud to be a strong distributor of nuts, dried fruits, and candies. We also specialize in custom mixing and roasting. The two nutty brothers, Sehgal brothers, were born into the nuts industry. Their parents established a brand of nuts and dried fruits in 1986 – which were the ultimate snacks for every household. The Sehgal Brothers understood their parents’ passion and decided to expand into this industry via Two Nutty Brothers Inc.

TNB takes pride in serving businesses of all sizes – our clients are not just our customers, they are our partners. Every buyer’s success and satisfaction is our mission

Why Choose Two Nutty Brothers

Direct From the Farm

Our success is attributable to the hardworking farmers who we are associated with. Directly from the farm, TNB bring you the freshest nuts and seeds

Over 600+ Nuts, Dried Fruits, and Candies

We are proud to present a diverse, unique, and complete selection of nuts, dried fruits, and candies — which can serve your business in any form.

Our Commitment

From supporting small businesses to big retailers, our commitment is to work with you to support your business needs. Our team can offer bulk or retail ready products customized to fit your requisites.